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Oklahoma State University


Tim Alland


Year and Major

Senior Majoring in Math


I like to hike, camp, cook, read, and chill in my hammock, (preferably all in the same day). I'm also involved with the OSU Vegetarians and Friends Club.

Overseas Travel or Work

On my own, I've traveled to England, Ireland, France, Italy, Denmark, Germany, and Spain where I studied abroad at Universidad Politècnica de València. With EWB, I've traveled to Guatemala.

Why did you get involved with EWB?

I got involved with EWB as a way to apply things I was learning from my engineering courses to communities living in poverty. Although I'm no longer an engineering student, I've stayed in EWB because I believe that the partnerships we make with communities in other countries makes real impacts on the lives of those whom we serve and on us as well.

What type of work do you want to do after you graduate?

After I graduate, I plan to pursue a PhD in pure mathematics.

Interesting Fact

I went on a pilgrimage during the summer of 2015 where I spent 40 days walking across northern Spain from the French border to the Atlantic Ocean with just a backpack.