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Oklahoma State University


Scott Gallaway

Year and Major

I'm in my second year of Graduate school in Aerospace Engineering.


I have a drone that I will ocassionally fly, but more often crash. I'm also into fitness but have yet to figure out nutrition. I've been skiing for over 15 years and wake-surfing for 4. I attend the OSU Wesley foundation and have been their unofficial handyman for the past few years. I live and breathe Texas Ranger Baseball, Dallas Cowboys Football, and of course, OSU Athletics.

Overseas Travel or Work

I was on the 2013 EWB monitoring trip to Seis de Mayo, Honduras, as well as church trips to Mexico and the Mosquito Coast in Honduras. I've also been on vacation wiht my family to France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, The Czech Republic and Italy.

Why did you get involved with EWB?

A friend at North Carolina State told me about the chapter there and I jumped at the opportunity to work with other nerdy engineers figuring out how to improve the world we live in.  

What type of work do you want to do after you graduate?

After graduation, I pland to work in the defense sector, focusing on military aviation.  

Fun Fact:

I've broken my right arm twice.  The first time I was 4 years old and confused the chekcout line at the grocery store for a jungle gym.  The second time was the spring of my junior year when I slipped on some ice and wound up needing a plate and screws put in.  The doctor told me no strenuous activity for a while but spring break was next week so I went skiing.