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Oklahoma State University

Vice President

Alicia Aguilar


Year & Major

Junior, Dual Degree in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


I am in American Chemical Society, American Institute of Chemcial Engineers, AED Pre-Health Honor Society, and Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Societyc. I enjoy drinking smoothies and hammocking? Is that a hobby?

Overseas Travel or Work

England, Italy, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, D.C., California, Denver, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Chicago.

Why did you get involved with EWB?

I wanted to get involved with EWB because I wanted to use the skill I learned in the classroom to help the Stillwater community and developing countries. Who doesn't enjoy community service?

What type of work do you want to do after you graduate?

After I graduate I am hoping to get into an MD/PhD program. Once I finish schooling I hope to become a surgical pathologist with a focus on research in genetic engineering and hopefully curing genetic diseases!

Interesting Fact

I have a pet leopard gecko named Jeffrey! He is the cutest thing ever but sometimes I question his ability to understand his body. He likes to fall off of things...all the time!