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Oklahoma State University

Co-Fundraising Chair

Kathryn Fulton


Year and Major

Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering


I'm a member of Phi Mu, a Counselor/Lifeguard at Camp Our Lady of Guadeloupe, and a member of FOCUS at St. John’s University Parish

Overseas Travel or Work

I’ve travelled to Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, and Belize

Why did you get involved with EWB?

The first time I heard of EWB was on a campus tour at Rice University, and  it made my decision to major in engineering. I want to work on projects that change people’s lives, so I knew EWB was an organization I wanted to get involved with.

What type of work do you want to do after you graduate?

I want to work with the Grand Challenges for Engineering

Interesting Fact

***Coming Soon***