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Oklahoma State University

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Field Team in Guatemala Pano

The Oklahoma State chapter of Engineers Without Borders plans to continue its work in Guatemala in the spring of 2018. In Guatemala, we will work with the communities of La Cuarentiseis, Los Chilitos, and Plan de Avila. La Cuarentiseis has many issues with the stove in the school's kitchen, which is used to provide free meals for the students. The current stove, run by mothers of the community, traps smoke, is dangerously high with open flames, and has incredibly inefficient. We aim to install a rocket stove that will be safer, easier to use, and more efficient. As a part of the sustainability model of EWB, we also anticipate teaching locals to build and produce more rocket stoves, so they can then implement them into houses and other community facilities.

In addition, these three communities are facing many health problems due to heavily contaminated water sources used for drinking, cooking and bathing. In Plan de Avila the situation is even worse as many people lack enough water to provide for their family. Most families spend multiple hours every day trying to collect enough water to drink, bathe, and cook with. Our chapter will be implementing into a water quantity project for Plan de Avila as well as a water quality project for the various communities during our Spring Break trip. 

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for our chapter or partnering with us in any capacity, please contact our President, Shannon Landreville at Moreover, if you are interested in making a tax deductible donation that will be used to implement these projects directly, please visit  Donations will be directly applied to travel costs and project materials, allowing you to not only improve the life of those living in these communities, but also broaden the horizons of our student members through their experience abroad.